Major Releases for NX3 Core 3.5.0 Is HERE!

We’re more than proud to inform you that our latest major Release for NX3 Core 3.5.0 is HERE!

Onboarding with different businesspartner roles

Onboarding was only supported for one concrete businesspartner role.  Onboarding of several different business partner roles was complicated and done as concrete implementation in project.

Since now it is possible to define multiple businesspartner roles for onboarding, fully supported by NX3.

Businesspartner lifecylce 2.0

A lifecycle for businesspartner was always part of NX3.  Following illustration describes such a lifecycle.



Since now lifecycles in NX3 are completely redesigned and packed with new features.

And whats really cool is the fact that you do not have to migrate “old” lifecycles to the redesigned feature because they also still work. You can decide from now on.

Transparent lifecycle decisions

It is always possible to see which businesspartner has which level in lifecycle.

Furthermore the history of reached levels in lifecycle is totally transparent.

It is also transparent why you maybe did not reach the next level.

Of course also versioning and audit information are visible.


Versioning of rules for lifecycle changes

Versioning of lifecycles are now supported. That means it is possible to change the gates for a specific level and update these changes. This could be done without restarting the application.

A new version of a lifecycle can be applied to all existing businesspartners in system so that their level is recalculated based on the new lifecycle version.

It is always transparent from which lifecycle version the actual level of a businesspartner was calculated.

Gates are defined by the common DMN Standard.

Simulation and reporting

A new version of a businesspartner lifecycle is not automatically activated so the businesspartners will not be recalculated on every version change.

To get more safety in decision making it is possible to simulate what would happen if a new lifecycle version would be activated.

NX3 calls this feature simulation and it creates a simple Excel Report which lists all business partners and changes of their level.

So it is always transparent which effects the activation of a new lifecycle version would have to your existing business.


From now it is possible to define data protection on field level of NX3 Entities for different actors. Based on criterias like assigned authorities or security groups it is possible to hide fields of NX3 Entities for specific users or security groups. It works similar to the well known specifications which hide complete entities in lists but on field level which is much more granular. Fields are not hidden in UI but the server will protect them and they will not be transferred to the client if user is not allowed to see them.

See below the details of same NX3 Entity. User A is allowed to see all fields but user B is only allowed to see some fields of the entity.

View for user A of NX3 Entity


View for user B of same NX3 Entity

Library updates

  • Several updates for libraries used in NX3

Country specific zipcode validation

Zipcodes have different policies or validation rules based on their countries.

From now NX3 supports this fact and offers country specific zipcode validation. Zipcodes entered by users will be validated based on policies of specific country.


  • Removed Bower as package manager for UI artifacts because support ends in next few month
  • Domain Events as building block for NX3 features
  • Several bugfixes and improvments on server and ui
  • Valuation model changed on server to avoid technical problems