NX3 Core 3.7.0 Is HERE!

We are happy to share the release of NX3 Core 3.7.0 with you!

This release features the following improvements:

  • Improved versioning concept
  • Visibility of GDPR fields
  • VAT ID Validation
  • Platform Agreements

Improved versioning concept

With Core 3.7, NX3 supports a completely revised and improved versioning concept.

NX3 installations receive a unique version number that transparently reflects any changes also during development phase.

If more details are required, this version number can be resolved to determine the specific version number of each individual NX3 component.

Visibility of GDPR fields

Business objects can contain personal data.

These are now marked transparently in the user interface. In addition, there is a list and export function for all fields that contain personal data.

NX3 thus offers complete transparency of where personal data is stored in the system.

Of course this should not be shown to all users. Therefore, this is an admin function that can be easily activated for the corresponding user groups via authority.

VAT ID Validation

The VAT ID or valued added tax identification number is a unique number to identify a taxpayer (company or person with economic activity) or a non-taxable legal person who is registered for VAT purposes. Each EU country issues its own national identification number

NX3 now offers the possibility to have them automatically checked by the European Commission. This saves time and money. 

Furthermore, a manual check of the VAT ID by our customers’ experts is still possible.


Platform Agreements

Platform agreements in NX3 offer the possibility for a number of pre-formulated contractual terms, between the operator and the BusinessPartner.

Furthermore, the platform agreements offer the possibility to inform the users of a BusinessPartner about privacy agreements to give them the possibility to accept or refuse them. However, contrary to the terms of the contract, the user is allowed to work with the system as usual.

Examples for Platform Agreements are: 

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy agreements
  • Terms of Use

Platform Agreements can be easily configured by our customers’ business users.

When a user logs in, he is informed in a dialog about the currently applicable platform agreements and asked for approval.

Depending on the configuration of the platform agreement Relevant for collaboration, the user has to accept the platform agreement to work with the system or it is not necessary to accept the agreement.


A column in the list of BusinessPartners shows whether the platform agreements have been accepted or not. In addition, there is a filter to restrict the desired amount.

A further highlight is the versioning of platform agreements. For example, if our customers’ general terms and conditions change, they can simply import a new version of the general terms and conditions. All relevant business partners are then automatically requested to confirm these.

This can also be done weeks before they come into force. NX3 ensures the validity from the relevant day.