NX3 Future Roadmap

The very nature of agile software development implies that no plans are set in stone and the roadmap evolves constantly.
But while our customers demanding a “plan” (usually packed with features) we need to put some rough milestones on the list.

So, for 2022 we have some:

The maintenance of the overall CORE with fixes and smaller improvements is ongoing in 2022.

Core 4.1 – Q1 2022

  • First version of our ML approach
  • Improvements to the reporting engine
  • Updates on working with geo informtions (routes, areas and many more)

Core 4.2 – Q3 2022

  • Issue center
  • Vehicle optimizations

Core 4.3 – Q1 2023

  • unplanned

Please note – as stated above this is not a “fixed” plan. Keep in touch for further updates.