NX3 Future Roadmap

by Main Author

The very nature of agile software development implies that no plans are set in stone and the roadmap evolves constantly.
But while our customers demanding a „plan“ (usually packed with features) we need to put some rough milestones on the list.

So, for 2022 we have some:

The maintenance of the overall CORE with fixes and smaller improvements is ongoing in 2022.

Core 4.1 – Q1 2022

  • First version of our ML approach
  • Improvements to the reporting engine
  • Updates on working with geo informtions (routes, areas and many more)

Core 4.2 – Q3 2022

  • Issue center
  • Vehicle optimizations

Core 4.3 – Q1 2023

  • unplanned

Please note – as stated above this is not a „fixed“ plan. Keep in touch for further updates.