Core 4.2 is scheduled for October 2022!

Our upcoming NX3 Core 4.2 is scheduled for October 22!

A lot of improvements, fixes and updates will be delivered. Our main features is the new „Decision Support“ which helps users to automate and optimize their decisions by support from the NX3 Software.

Please note – Core 4.x is not working with the older NX3 3.x releases.

Core 4.1 is there!

Our NX3 Core 4.1 is released!

A lot of improvements, fixes and updates will be delivered.

  • Release Notes NX3 Core Platform 4.1.0
  • Release Notes NX3 Client 4.1.0
  • Release Notes NX3 Core UI 4.1.0

Please note – Core 4.x is not working with the older NX3 3.x releases.

We’re working on the next 4.2 Release planned to release later this year!

NX3 Future Roadmap

by Main Author

The very nature of agile software development implies that no plans are set in stone and the roadmap evolves constantly.
But while our customers demanding a „plan“ (usually packed with features) we need to put some rough milestones on the list.

So, for 2022 we have some:

The maintenance of the overall CORE with fixes and smaller improvements is ongoing in 2022.

Core 4.1 – Q1 2022

  • First version of our ML approach
  • Improvements to the reporting engine
  • Updates on working with geo informtions (routes, areas and many more)

Core 4.2 – Q3 2022

  • Issue center
  • Vehicle optimizations

Core 4.3 – Q1 2023

  • unplanned

Please note – as stated above this is not a „fixed“ plan. Keep in touch for further updates.

Core 4.0 is there!

by Main Author

Our NX3 Core 4.0 is finally there!

A lot of improvements, fixes and updates will be delivered.

  • Improvements for handling GDPR requirements
  • Better ELASTIC integration
  • Improvements for settings
  • Keycloak integartion
  • a lot of frontend improvements
  • Fixes several security issues
  • and many more

Core 4.0 is not working with the older NX3 3.x releases.

We’re working on the next 4.1 Release planned to release later this year!

NX3 Core 3.10.0 – last 3 series releases

by Main Author

This will be the final release for the NX3 3 series but still is a big thing!

A lot of improvements, fixes and updates will be delivered.

  • Re Working on the Actor & Role patterns
  • Document scanning
  • Improved relationsships between partners
  • enhanced search
  • Many NX3 insights updates
  • updating monitoring
  • and many more

This release is planned for april/may 2021 and will be the last Core Release for the 3 serie a.

After this we will focus on the upcoming 4 serie a starting with the 4.0 later this year!

NX3 Core 3.9.0 Released!

by Main Author

Our new CORE 3.9 is released!

This release features the following improvements:

  • NX3 Share

NX3 Share

NX3 Share enables you to collaborate with partner and using a process driven approach to work with documents.

This feature is available e.g. in the NX3 Qualifications to improve productivity with partners.

A more detailed description will follow!

NX3 Roadmap 2021

by Main Author

As you might know we work hard on the next major update for NX3.

While we already migrated to new components and included tons of new features we’re not ready, yet.

So – in short words – we have no fixed date for the next release but we think this will be in early spring!

With the update for the next CORE Release we will re-work the roadmap for 2021/2022.

Stay healthy – we’ll keep you posted!

NX3 Core 3.8.0 Is Released!

by Main Author

More than happy to share the release of NX3 Core 3.8.0 with you!

This release features the following improvements:

  • Support for PostgresSQL
  • Two new Document Storages (AWS S3 and WebDAV)

(Pre-)Support for PostgresSQL

„PostgreSQL: The World’s Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.“ []

During the last months we have made the experience that many of our new customers already use PostgresSQL in their existing system landscape. Existing customers are also thinking about a migration to PostgreSQL to save high license costs.

Based on this feedback, the NX3 team has been working on basic supporting PostgreSQL as a database in addition to Oracle and MySql or Maria DB. Within the next releases we will work on further optimizations for full supporting PostgreSQL.

Two new Document Storages

NX3 stores our customers‘ documents where they need them. Up to now, a CMIS interface was available for integration into the existing system landscape. Furthermore the possibility to store the documents on the filesystem exists.

With this release, two further storage options have been added to enable the storage of documents in the cloud and expand support of integration into existing system landscapes.



„Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that provides industry-leading scalability, data availability, security and performance“ [] .

When hosting NX3 on AWS, AWS S3 offers the possibility to use a service that ensures the permanent availability of your data. AWS S3 offers an availability of 99,999999999 percent. Therefore the data are transmitted over at least three different availability zones are redundantly stored. This means that no more data is lost.


WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a network protocol for delivering files over the Internet.

In addition to CMIS, WebDAV offers a further possibility for easy integration into existing document management systems of our customers.

Furthermore, WebDAV offers the possibility to use cloud services that support this protocol.

1 This information was provided by AWS. See for details.

NX3 Core 3.7.0 Is HERE!

by Main Author

We are happy to share the release of NX3 Core 3.7.0 with you!

This release features the following improvements:

  • Improved versioning concept
  • Visibility of GDPR fields
  • VAT ID Validation
  • Platform Agreements

Improved versioning concept

With Core 3.7, NX3 supports a completely revised and improved versioning concept.

NX3 installations receive a unique version number that transparently reflects any changes also during development phase.

If more details are required, this version number can be resolved to determine the specific version number of each individual NX3 component.

Visibility of GDPR fields

Business objects can contain personal data.

These are now marked transparently in the user interface. In addition, there is a list and export function for all fields that contain personal data.

NX3 thus offers complete transparency of where personal data is stored in the system.

Of course this should not be shown to all users. Therefore, this is an admin function that can be easily activated for the corresponding user groups via authority.

VAT ID Validation

The VAT ID or valued added tax identification number is a unique number to identify a taxpayer (company or person with economic activity) or a non-taxable legal person who is registered for VAT purposes. Each EU country issues its own national identification number

NX3 now offers the possibility to have them automatically checked by the European Commission. This saves time and money. 

Furthermore, a manual check of the VAT ID by our customers‘ experts is still possible.


Platform Agreements

Platform agreements in NX3 offer the possibility for a number of pre-formulated contractual terms, between the operator and the BusinessPartner.

Furthermore, the platform agreements offer the possibility to inform the users of a BusinessPartner about privacy agreements to give them the possibility to accept or refuse them. However, contrary to the terms of the contract, the user is allowed to work with the system as usual.

Examples for Platform Agreements are: 

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy agreements
  • Terms of Use

Platform Agreements can be easily configured by our customers‘ business users.

When a user logs in, he is informed in a dialog about the currently applicable platform agreements and asked for approval.

Depending on the configuration of the platform agreement Relevant for collaboration, the user has to accept the platform agreement to work with the system or it is not necessary to accept the agreement.


A column in the list of BusinessPartners shows whether the platform agreements have been accepted or not. In addition, there is a filter to restrict the desired amount.

A further highlight is the versioning of platform agreements. For example, if our customers‘ general terms and conditions change, they can simply import a new version of the general terms and conditions. All relevant business partners are then automatically requested to confirm these.

This can also be done weeks before they come into force. NX3 ensures the validity from the relevant day.